Eleanor Parker in Madison Avenue

In early 1962, the film Madison Avenue, based on a book published a decade before called "The Build-Up Boys," was released theatrically. The movie had been made in 1960 and apparently star Dana Andrews had been trying to get it made for several years previously. The press had also reported that several actresses had passed on the two female roles in Madison Avenue before Eleanor Parker and Jeanne Crain finally signed on. I guess the hook turned out to be three fairly big stars from the 1940s starring in a early 1960s film (done in a very 1950s style!).

Eleanor Parker plays Anne Tremaine in Madison Avenue, a woman who had inherited her father's failing advertising agency. Along comes Clint Lorimer (Dana Andrews), a master in the field of hype or "build-up," who proceeds to turn the business around. Soon after he also succeeds in turning the once innocent and frumpy Anne Tremaine into a cold and cynical business woman. Eleanor Parker plays her role well and with great ease, looking wonderful all the while.

Here are some images of Eleanor Parker in Madison Avenue:

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  1. I've been longing to see this! Do you know who the stars originally considered for the Parker and Crain roles were? I'm fascinated by casting trivia like that: http://stirredstraightup.blogspot.com/search/label/role%20play