Eleanor Parker in Escape Me Never

In 1947, Eleanor Parker co-starred alongside Ida Lupino, Errol Flynn and Gig Young in Escape Me Never. Eleanor Parker had appeared with Errol Flynn the year before in Never Say Goodbye and the following year she would re-team with Gig Young in The Woman in White.

Escape Me Never is perhaps not one of the best remembered films and probably not a favorite of fans of any of the lead actors. However, it is still an enjoyable movie with great performances all around (though Gig Young is stiff as ever). Errol Flynn plays a, you guessed it, charming cad. Ida Lupino plays a rather loud, obnoxious woman and Gig Young portrays the bland brother of Errol Flynn's character. Then there is Eleanor Parker who perhaps comes off the best of all, playing a delicately beautiful, slightly devious rich girl named Fenella.

Eleanor Parker has always done well in period pieces and her role in Escape Me Never is no different. She looks lovely in her circa 1900 costumes and she interacts exceedingly well with co-stars. Her natural charm and innate ability to light up a screen really serve the film well.

Here are some pictures of Eleanor Parker in Escape Me Never: