Eleanor Parker in Between Two Worlds

In 1944, co-starred with Paul Henreid, John Garfield and Sydney Greenstreet in Between Two Worlds. It was perhaps Eleanor Parker's most visible role to date and she is billed up front with the three other stars.

Eleanor Parker shares most of her scenes in Between Two Worlds with Paul Henreid (they would be paired up again for the 1946 version of Of Human Bondage) and their story bookends the film. the rest of the movie is dominated by John Garfield and, in the third act, Sydney Greenstreet. Truthfully, Eleanor Parker does not have all that much to do in Between Two Worlds. She looks quite young and lovely and does a decent job with her material (though, to be honest, her acting abilities seemed to have improved greatly in the following years). Still, appearing alongside some of the top stars at Warner Bros was good publicity for the actress and soon after she we would be a leading lady at that studio.

Here are some images of Eleanor Parker in Between Two Worlds:

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