Eleanor Parker in Never Say Goodbye

In 1946, Eleanor Parker co-starred with Errol Flynn in the romantic comedy Never Say Goodbye. The actress was perhaps never more lovely and charming than in this film and she has great chemistry with a top-form Errol Flynn.

Never Say Goodbye concerns itself with a divorced couple (Parker and Flynn) who have a young daughter (Patty Brady). As time goes by, the couple begin to rethink their divorce and with the help of their daughter and a U.S. Marine on leave they fall in love all over again.

Eleanor Parker is extremely beautiful here and her performance is spot on. Another actress could have easily ruined the movie but Parker does it just right by balancing the loveable and bitchy aspects of her character. All in all, Never Say Goodbye was a fantastic showcase for the gorgeous Eleanor Parker and her captivating smile is used to great advantage.

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Here are some images of Eleanor Parker in Never Say Goodbye:

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