Eleanor Parker in Lizzie

In 1957, Eleanor Parker starred in Lizzie, a movie about a woman with multiple personalities. The actress was perfect for the role and deftly handled her three characters, helping to make the film an entertaining campy classic. Lizzie was made by Bryna Productions, the production company owned by Eleanor Parker's former Detective Story co-star Kirk Douglas.

One thing you might notice about Eleanor Parker in Lizzie is the sheer amount of facial expressions the actress goes through during the course of the movie. Eleanor Parker really goes all-out for her role as a woman with three personalities, willing to do whatever it takes to take her character over the top. So, why isn't Lizzie better remembered? One of the biggest reasons is that a more popular film covering the same basic material came out later the same year: The Three Faces of Eve (though I would rather watch Eleanor Parker than Joanne Woodward any day). Regardless, Lizzie remains a nice cult classic for those who have taken the time to find it and watch it.

Here are some images of Eleanor Parker in Lizzie:

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